Haematological outcomes and prospects in thalassaemia's prevention and care

Sixty-five years ago Ida Bianco and Ezio Silvestroni during a Conference at the “Accademia Medica di Roma” showed the results of their discovery in healthy subjects: a new hematological phenotype genetically transmitted, characterized by microcytosis, hypochromia, increased red cell count and reduction of red cell osmotic fragility.

These observations and the following link to Cooley’s disease represent the basis of thalassaemia prevention development all over the world.

By means of this Symposium, the A.N.M.I. Onlus commemorates its founders’ work and carries on it by stimulating the scientific cooperation about thalassaemia and hemoglobinopathies, looking ahead.

Maria Pia De Luca

A.N.M.I. Onlus President