Haematological outcomes and prospects in thalassaemia's prevention and care

In the next November 26th, 2013, ANMI Onlus (Centro Studi Microcitemie Roma) organized an International Symposium at the Nobile Collegio Chimico Farmaceutico – Universitas Aromatariorum Urbis, Via in Miranda 10, Rome (Italy) on the theme: Haemoglobin disorders: global challenge. New developments and future perspectives in diagnostic, prevention and therapies.

The occasion is the 70° recurrence of the submission of first study on thalassemia’s carrier phenotype by Ezio Silvestroni and Ida Bianco at the Accademia Medica Romana on November 26th, 1943.

This meeting has the purpose to highlight the most significant experiences on the worldwide thalassemia’s prevention, to compare in-place or in-the-making prevention’s programs in populations having different cultural, ethic and religious aspects and, finally, to highlight some of the most update interventions about thalassemia’s treatments as the gene therapy’s evolution and prospects.

The most distinguished experts on hemoglobinic pathology are going to be present: dr. Giordano (The Nederlands), dr. Harteveld (The Nederlands), dr. Wajcman (France), dr. Traeger Synodinos (Greece), dr. Ferrari (Italy), dr. Badens (France), dr. Hassan (Oman), dr. Vermylen (Belgium), dr. Diagne (Senegal), dr. Isgrò (Italy). President is dr. Giordano (Leiden, NL).

This event is going to be a high-relevance assizes, unique in Italy, and it will be followed both at national and international level; documents and materials presented will be published via web and in scientific literature.

Maria Pia De Luca

A.N.M.I. Onlus President